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Amino Prestige Core + Energy
39.90 CHF

Bcaa drink for pre and intra workout use, featuring high dosages and best quality ingredients - With 7g Instaminos® fermented BCAA - With 2g L-Glutamine - With 2g L-Taurine - Energy blend with Cafeine and Green Tea - Electrolytes for hydration - No Banned substances



AMINO PRESTIGE CORE + ENERGY is a truly innovative energized performance BCAA & AMINO formua - featuring a whopping 7g of a 2:1:1 scientifically validated ratio of 100% Vegan and Instantized BCAA as well as Glutamine, Taurine, Green Tea, Caffeine and Electrolytes with absolutely ZERO fillers, dyes, artifical flavors or banned substances. It's ability to over-deliver is simply unmatched. Every PROCCOR® product is strictly tested before being released to the market. We quarantaine raw materials upon arrival, HPLC/USP/3rd PARTY test for accuracy, impurities, and metals. Only after these steps are completed do we make the products available to you. We also utilize what is called an “intentiol overage” where we intentiolly add an overage of 1-5% (depending on the ingredient) to ensure that in cases of settling our products will still 100% meet label claims. All PROCCOR® Products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art cGMP, NSF, FDA Registered facility under pharmaceutical grade processing.

Nutrition specifications

Serving sizes and amount of servings per packaging: 

Use & Warnings

How to use

Mix 1 Serving (1 Scoop) with about 300ml of cold water and drink pre or during workout. Amino Prestige can be stacked with Pre-Rx for the ultimate energy and recovery stack.


Suitable for Coeliac, Vegans,