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CLA softgels

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CLA+: Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) are a family of fatty acids, which are isomers of linoleic acid. According to several animal studies, supplementation with these acids can contribute to reduce body fat while increasing bone mass and decreasing cardiovascular diseases. Data from human studies haven’t provided the same results. Neither the linoleic acid nor the alpha-linolenic acid (2 double bonds) can be synthesised in humans, and, the alpha-linolenic acid being the precursor of 13 and 16 fatty acids, they can be considered as essential nutrients. Human and animal studies that have been carried out report different results. This might mainly be due to the different kind of CLAs used in the experimental process: being different substances, some linoleic acid isomers are decisively less effective than others, and in some cases they showed different effects on animals (hyperinsulinemia, leptin inhibition). The results of tests on humans did not have the same results as those carried out on animals. Some studies suggest that they could be useful if associated with other supplements (such as creatine, proteins or arginine. According to recent research they seem to reduce belly fat if associated with CLA and 13. In our case it must be remembered that it will only be effective if assumed during a period of physical training, while it won’t have any effects in non-active periods. The most significant results were obtained from individuals that had been also subjected to physical activity during the test, whereas the control group, who did not any exercise, did not get the same effectiveness from the product. We tend to believe that this product can induce weight loss as a result of a slight increase in the basal metabolism, which is also thought to be responsible for a consequent increase of the lean body mass. If assumed for a long time, these substances have shown to affect the levels of LDL and HDL, although not significantly. No effects have been noticed in short-term treatments.

Nutrition specifications

Use & Warnings

How to use

Take 3 capsules daily, during the day or with meals.


Suitable for coeliac, Not suitable for Vegetarians


conjugated linoleic acid, gelatin, Glycerol, water, antioxidant: mixed tocopherols.