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ESN L - Citrulline Malate quality pure Citrulline Malate powder Pump Supplement for Bodybuilders for muscle pumps during training ( weight training ) Raw material is of plant origin Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Quality product made in Germany


L - Citrulline Malate ESN is a high quality pump Supplement for bodybuilders and strength athletes . ESN L - Citrulline Malate can strengthen the muscle pump in muscle training . L - Citrulline works similar to the amino acid L - arginine , L - citrulline can also support the energy performance in the muscle . Many bodybuilders and strength athletes swear therefore to a combition of L - citrulline and L - arginine . The raw material which is used in ESN L - Citrulline Malate comes from the best raw material suppliers . We place great importance in the selection of raw materials to a very high quality . All ESN Supplements are produced in Germany according to the highest standards .

Nutrition specifications

Use & Warnings

How to use

Take 5g with 200ml water before and after training.


Suitable for Coeliac, Vegans,