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A great slow release and low glycemic carb source



Oats are a source of a slow-digesting carbohydrates, rich in fiber and therefore able to provide long-term energy without causing insulin peaks. Oats are now deeply re-evaluated by nutritionists for its richness in nutrients. In fact, compared with its closer cereals, oats have a lower carbohydrate content (63%), a high protein content (up to 17%) and a higher fat content (7%), reporting with excellent nutritional qualities. Also excellent in soluble fiber, which make oats an ideal food to suppress a little bit your appetite, regulate intestinal function and normalize body weight. Also interesting is the excellent biological value of its proteins. In particular oat it has a high content of lysine, much higher than other cereals. It’s rich in mineral salts, in particular calcium and magnesium (with an optimal concentration ratio between the two), iron, manganese. It‘s a good source of B vitamins, particularly B1. There are numerous properties recognized oats. Very nutritious, oats are an excellent tonic for athletes, for growth and for those working in the cold. It helps reduce LDL cholesterol due to good concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids. You can create your breakfasts and snacks with taste and quality.

Nutrition specifications

Use & Warnings

How to use

Mix a 50 g portion (1 rounded scoop) in 200 ml of water or other favourite beverage. OAT+ can be taken at every time, for sportsmen also immediately before or after training. OAT+ can be used also to prepare desserts. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.


Suitable for Vegans


Oat flour (93%), cocoa powder, flavour, sweetener: sucralose.